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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chinese Soup with Chicken Recipes


    * Chicken wings (wing + wings on center), a half kilo
    * Key tofu (can be purchased by Superstore out) about 15 pieces.
    * 1 tablespoon black soy sauce
    * Chopping garlic 1 tablespoon
    * 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    * Palm sugars 3 / 4 tsp.
    * Salt 2 tsp.
    * Maggie sauce 2 tsp.
    * Pepper.
    * Instant powder name Palo (Chinese soup powder) 1 tablespoon
    * Coriander root 5 root
    * Broth
    * Spring onion and coriander slice for garnish.

How to cook
   1. The rods to break the root, Coriander powder, stewed chicken wings soy sauce black pepper Maggie sauce put bowl mix, mix well fermentation leaves half an hour.
   2. Grease the pan compared to fry chopped onion take the chicken wings and marinate and fried tofu moderately
   3. Pour all ingredients into a soup pot add that water to flood the fire light salt and palm sugar boil for about one hour if soup is too dry I add the water but do not let too much and taste as you like it.
   4. Serve topped with onion dip - coriander accompany with fresh chili, garlic or pickled chili

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