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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pad Thai recipe

Pad Thai
- Garlic, minced - Prawns, peeled & cleaned
- White bean curd, diced
- Sweet daikon pickle, finely chopped
- Dry shrimp
- Thai rice stick noodle Small / Chanburi, soaked and drained
- Pad Thai sauce
- Vegetable oil
- Egg
- Bean sprout, root cut
- Chives, cut into 3 cm.
- Unsalted, toasted peanuts, chopped
- Chili powder
- Lime juice
3 cloves 300 grams
200 grams
100 grams
50 grams
600 grams
500 grams
80 grams
4 each
200 grams
70 grams
60 grams
as needed
40 grams

  1. In a wok, heat the oil over moderate heat. Add garlic and fry until fragrant, add shrimps, stir fry until pink but not cooked and immediately take out of the wok and reserve.
  2. In the same wok, add white bean curd, sweet daikon pickle and dried shrimp. Stir fry until bean curd browns.
  3. Add the noodle and stir fry to soften the noodles. Add Pad Thai sauce (a little at a time) stir fry to mix quickly. The noodles will soften further and absorb the flavors of the sauce. Taste the noodles to see if it is full of flavor enough before pushing the noodle to one side and add a little oil. Add egg and stir to break up the yolks. Stir fry the noodle and egg together, add bean sprouts and chives, Mix well.
  4. Add the cooked shrimp and stir fry until heated through. Transfer to a serving dish. Top with chopped peanuts. Served with lime wedges, dried ground chili, bean sprouts and chives.
- – - – - – - – - – - – - Pad Thai Sauce – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
- Pickle garlic - Fresh garlic
- Fresh bird chili peppers
- Chili sauce
- Tomato sauce
- Palm sugar
- Distill vinegar
- Tamarind juice
- Salt
- Water
300 grams 100 grams
170 grams
3 cups
3 cups
1 kilograms
375 ml.
3 cups
3 tablespoons
3 liters
- Place the all ingredients in food processor, blending until smooth. Then transfer the mixture into the saucepan, stir to mix well and bring the mixture to boil. Reduce the heat and simmer in order to allow the sauce to evaporate and thicken. Once the liquid is reduced almost by half. Cool and transfer into a container for use when making pad Thai.
Source: http://chefmcdang.com/

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